SPD 000 – Introducing the Smart Personal Defense Show

Smart Personal Defense

Smart Personal Defense Show ArtWhat is “Smart Personal Defense?” Host and defensive firearms instructor, Bruce Withrow, believes that a smart personal defense is much more than just carrying a firearm or learning a martial art. A smart personal defense strategy is “comprehensive”, meaning there are many different techniques, tactics, and areas of knowledge that we need to understand and utilize in order to properly protect ourselves, our families, and our homes. In this episode, Bruce introduces you to the topics we’ll discuss on Smart Personal Defense.


Laws concerning the use of force and the carrying and use of weapons vary within the United States and around the world. The tactics and equipment discussed on Smart Personal Defense may not be legal in your jurisdiction. Be sure you understand the laws in your jurisdiction and consult an attorney if necessary.

Topics we’ll cover on the show

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing on future episodes include:

  • The carrying and use of weapons
  • Avoiding violent conflicts
  • Defusing confrontations
  • Legal issues
  • Training
  • Developing a daily personal defense plan
  • Home security
  • “Mass shooting/active shooter” scenarios
  • Much, much more.


I would really like to know what you think of the show. Please comment below and send questions and topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show to bruce@smartpersonaldefense.com.


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